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Share Teaching Resources and Experience to Build an Efficient Way for Teaching ---Record of a Physics Teaching and Research Activity from Junior High School
Time:2015-9-16 11:27:16      Read:976      Translator:Zhu Wanli

     Excellent teaching and research team is the combination of an excellent teaching team, research team and the community of teachers ' professional development, which is the mission of a teaching and research team. How to share teaching resources, experience, and solutions to teaching problems is the key to evaluating the work of a teaching and research team.

     Junior high school physical teaching research activity took place on the morning of September 8. The former lesson preparation group leaders from Junior 3 and Junior 2 shared teaching resources and teaching experience in the handover ceremony. In the warm and harmonious research atmosphere, they had deep discussions, produced clear awareness, and reached consensus.

     Ms. Ma Xiaoyan’s teaching experience focuses on reorganizing the teaching materials to expand and deepen knowledge. She said both knowledge understanding and using are important. Teachers should help students improve not only test abilities but also knowledge using abilities.

     Ms. Xu Mingxia, former Junior 2 lesson preparation group leader, talked about the importance of class organization and efficient classes.
     Ms. Li Yulan, Director of Teaching and Research Department, thought highly of this activity. She said, “high quality teaching results from efficient team work full of enthusiasm. Junior high school physical teaching and research team has a careful plan, including class teaching, choosing and producing exercises, designing time limited exercises, helping the study poor and improving the talents, homework check, and the use of mistake books. She especially praised the team work of young teachers training.

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