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We hold a farewell party for four students who have won the Singapore full scholarship
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On the morning of October 21, our school held a farewell party for Du Yuyang, Wu Jingru, Cao jiashuo, Feng Yanxin and other four students who won full scholarship to Singapore Anglican high school. Vice president Zhang Chenggang presided over the farewell party.

The four students are grateful for the platform provided by the school, the teachers' teaching and the students' help. They have put wings on their dreams and helped them set sail. Four students shared their experience of taking the exam. Du Yuyang said that the ability of schools to provide opportunities is just as important as the ability of individuals to seize them. Don't give up until the last moment. Wu Jingru said that her dream of studying abroad was aroused by the four seniors who took the SM1 program last year, and she hoped that she could become excellent through her efforts. "Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared." She hopes that her younger brothers and sisters can prepare early. Cao jiashuo mentioned the importance of endurance and enthusiasm in learning. He said that the good study habits, the learning methods and the sprint state of junior three all laid a solid foundation for the exam. According to Feng Yanxin, the education concept of "unleashing multiple potentials and achieving outstanding life" in 42 middle schools has enabled him to exercise and improve his ability in various aspects in the three years of junior high school, and balanced development has been achieved in his academic performance, stress resistance and cooperation ability.

Vice president Zhang Chenggang introduced the development of Singapore scholarship program in detail, and congratulated the four students. At the same time, he hoped that they would continue to study hard and repay themselves, their alma mater and their motherland with their outstanding achievements.

It is understood that since 1998, 126 students in our school have been admitted to new study through this program. In 2019, the Singapore Anglican high school full scholarship program finally enrolled 6 students in the city, including 4 students from our school. Four students are admitted to our school for the Singapore Project of senior two. Singapore's full scholarship program in the third day of 2019 and the second ye.




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